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Ensuring that assets are properly transferred to family, friends and charities with minimum tax consequence is an increasingly complex challenge.  Effective estate planning requires a thoughtful assessment of both a client’s financial situation and the family’s concerns and wishes.  It requires a thorough understanding of current property business and tax laws.  Kane & Papa, P.C. lawyers continually monitor changes in these laws that may affect our clients’ interests, and we work to explain these laws in a way that is understandable and useful to our clients.

Our lawyers help clients design estate plans to meet important personal objectives. Our experienced lawyers offer both basic estate planning and sophisticated tools for managing assets and minimizing taxes.  We prepare:

  1. A will or trust for the distribution of property
  2. Power of attorney for financial matters
  3. Medical power of attorney
  4. Living will (health care directive)
  5. Guardianship and conservatorship
  6. Advance medical directives.
  7. Revocable living trusts, special needs trusts, charitable trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, qualified domestic trusts and qualified personal residence trusts to meet the client’s individual estate planning needs.

Our knowledge of sophisticated estate planning techniques allows us to minimize tax burdens for our clients and their beneficiaries.

Family and closely held businesses can generate difficult problems relating to management succession and the transfer of wealth from generation to generation.  We have extensive experience with family businesses and frequently assist with business succession planning, the organization of family limited liability companies and family limited partnerships, and the preparation of buy-sell agreements.  We routinely advise clients on potentially sensitive issues of wealth preservation and management, and are well-versed in the drafting of pre-marital agreements, planning for retirement benefits and evaluating issues related to Medicaid planning.

When our clients must resolve disputes through the courts, our extensive court experience helps us address probate issues quickly and take appropriate actions on behalf of beneficiaries, executors, administrators and guardians.  We also represent clients in will contests, suits for aid and guidance, augmented estate issues and other litigation matters involving trusts and estates.  We routinely assist in the appointment of guardians for our clients’ loved ones who have become incapacitated.

At Kane & Papa, P.C. we aim to provide peace of mind to families planning for the event of death, illness or incapacity. We help clients create a comprehensive and individualized plan that preserves wealth for heirs and guides loved ones when the time comes to make decisions about one’s care.

Regardless of the size of your estate, taking this important step now ensures that your wishes are honored and minimizes time, expense and legal problems for your family.

Advanced Estate Planning 

Kane & Papa, P.C. has assisted clients with large, complex estates. We can set up and administer various types of trusts to avoid taxation, provide for minor children or a family member with special needs, fund a favorite charity, or accomplish other estate planning goals. With extensive experience in business law and tax law, our attorneys can also advise on gift tax planning and business succession planning strategies for transferring assets of a family-owned company to the next generation with the least tax impact.

We take the time to discuss all scenarios with clients and help them make informed decisions. Contact our office in Richmond to arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you.

Estate Administration

Richmond, Virginia, Probate Lawyers

The estate administration attorneys of Kane & Papa, P.C. assist executors and personal representatives in the efficient settling of estates. We provide knowledgeable counsel to steer clients through the probate process and we also represent the interests of the estate, excluded heirs or a trustee in contested will litigation.

With an office location in Richmond, we represent clients throughout Greater Richmond and northern Virginia. We also serve out-of-state clients who need local representation for estate administration. Contact us today to discuss your situation. 

Skilled Guidance for Estate Administration 

The duties of the fiduciary (executor named in a will or representative appointed by the probate court if there is no will) can be time-consuming and complex. Kane & Papa, P.C. advises clients on all aspects of opening and closing the estate:

  1. Probate of Will
  2. Guardianship proceedings
  3. Preparing and filing Inventory
  4. Preparing and filing accountings
  5. Representation before Commissioner of Accounts
  6. Paying creditors
  7. Liquidating real estate or other property
  8. Acquiring proceeds of life insurance policies
  9. Distributing assets to heirs
  10. Filing tax returns
  11. Trust administration

Probate Litigation 

A will contest can tear families apart. We tread sensitively while maintaining the legal interests of our client. Kane & Papa, P.C. has resolved litigation involving allegations of undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity and breach of fiduciary duty.

Our goal in estate administration is a swift and sure settlement of the legal affairs with minimum time, expense and disputes. For experienced representation, arrange a consultation at our Richmond office. After-hours appointments arranged