Business Start-Ups and Commercial Transactions

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Business Planning, Contracts and Agreements

Establishing the proper foundation for a new enterprise is crucial to long-term success in business. The corporate and commercial law attorneys of Kane & Papa, P.C. provide experienced advice for business startups and ongoing representation for established businesses in transactions.  Based in Richmond, we serve businesses of all sizes in Greater Richmond and surrounding northern Virginia. Contact us today to discuss you business concept or an upcoming business deal.

Business Formation

Our lawyers bring decades of experience in all aspects of commercial and corporate law, including entity selection. We advise on the tax planning, personal liability, profit sharing, management and business succession issues in helping clients choose the mode of operation:

  1. Limited liability company (LLC) and operating agreements
  2. Corporation (C-corp or S-corp) and shareholder agreements
  3. Limited liability partnership (LLP) and partnership agreements

We provide full service counsel to new businesses: articles of incorporation, liability waivers and releases, standard contracts, and commercial real estate matters. Our attorneys also assist in drafting employment manuals and signing employees to non-compete agreements or confidentiality agreements.

Starting a Business

Frequently Asked Questions – Starting a Business

Q: Where do I look for investors?

A: A potential business owner may seek investors by contacting friends, business acquaintances, relatives, clients or industry colleagues. In addition, an owner can contact banks and commercial finance companies. Financial institutions may also know of venture capitalists interested in investing in new businesses.

Q: What is a debt-to-equity ratio, and what does it mean for my ability to attract financing?

A: The debt-to-equity ratio is the relationship between the money the owner has borrowed for the business and the funds the owner has invested in the business. Generally, the more money that an owner invests in the business, the easier it is to attract additional investors and financing.

Starting a business takes drive, passion and a keen awareness of the relevant law. If you have questions about starting a business, contact our firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.

Richmond Business Formation Attorneys

The corporate law attorneys of Kane & Papa, P.C. have helped hundreds of businesses across Greater Richmond and northern Virginia establish their new enterprise on a solid legal foundation. We provide full service legal counsel for business startups in all industries.

Starting a Business – An Overview

Starting a business can be a daunting and complicated process. The potential business owner must consider numerous factors, including financing the business; setting up a business plan; choosing the correct business organization; naming the business; addressing licensing, permits and zoning matters; hiring and paying employees; and securing business insurance. The law surrounding these areas is diverse and often specific to your locale. An experienced attorney from Kane & Papa, P.C. in Richmond, Virginia, can assist you today.

Financing, Business Plans and Business Organizations

A prospective business owner will be concerned with financing the new business, setting up a business plan and choosing the best type of business organization. The options for pursuing ownership of a business vary widely. An attorney from Kane & Papa, P.C. can help you sort out these matters. The following synopsis will help you start thinking about the important decisions you will have to make.

Naming the Business, Licensing, Permits and Zoning

A new business owner has a lot to think about. The owner must name the business, acquire licenses or permits, and deal with possible zoning concerns. With all of these considerations, the assistance of a business attorney can make the journey smoother and more rewarding.

Hiring Employees

State and federal laws govern the actions of business owners during the hiring and employment process. The new business owner must be aware that the following concerns apply when advertising job openings, interviewing, hiring and supervising employees. A business owner should:

  1. Avoid illegal discrimination
  2. Observe and respect privacy rights
  3. Safeguard against hiring illegal immigrants
  4. Observe relevant age regulations

It is vital that the new business owner understands the legal aspects of these topics prior to staffing a business. An attorney at Kane & Papa, P.C. can advise you on these important employment matters.

Employee Compensation

A new business owner may have questions about the minimum wage, overtime pay, child labor, employee sick leave and record keeping. The US Department of Labor and certain state agencies are charged with enforcing employee rights, and many times the law is complex and detailed. A new business owner should stay informed in order to avoid legal difficulties. An attorney at Kane & Papa, P.C. who is competent and experienced in business planning and employment law can assist you with your questions today.

Insurance for the Business and Its Employees

A new business owner should understand the insurance policies that are available for both the business and its employees. It is important to analyze the risk exposure before determining the type and amount of insurance that will best protect the new investment. In addition, laws or contractual agreements may require certain types of policies. An attorney at Kane & Papa, P.C. can assist you with your questions today.

Business Transactions

Our clients include established companies in all industries in need of guidance in commercial transactions. We can draft or review buy-sell agreements, performing the due diligence so that clients can acquire or sell a business and its assets with confidence. Our corporate law attorneys also advise on commercial property acquisition, commercial leases, and purchase or financing of equipment.  Astute commercial legal counsel at Kane & Papa, P.C. can help a business sustain initial momentum, continue to prosper and avoid future legal disputes.